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2 Simple Ways to Steampunk Your Christmas Balls!

D-I-Y-, UncategorizedSamantha Extance

IMG_6097Christmas Ball Compass: (Materials Needed: Christmas tree ball, length of chain--appropriate to your ball's size, snowflake sequin, game spinner, and 2 jump rings) Tools Needed: An awl and a pair of flat nosed pliers.

  1. Using your awl, poke a hole in your snowflake sequin.
  2. With your flat nosed pliers, open your jump ring and load your game spinner, snowflake sequin, and chain onto the ring and close securely.
  3. Then attach the other end of your chain to the hook of your ornament with the second jump ring.
  4. Now your ornament is ready to hang on the tree so get to decorating!

IMG_6102Christmas Key Ball: (Materials Needed: Christmas tree ball, tiny key, and a tree hook) No tools needed.

  1. Load your tree hook with the tiny key and then the Christmas ball.
  2. Then close the hook securely and hang on your tree!

As always, Merry Making!