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A Crafty New Year

D-I-Y-Samantha Extance

This New Year’s Eve I spent the day making something for myself to ring in 2019. I decided to make one of the many projects that I have on my crafty bucket list: a book fort for myself!

I’m an avid reader. I love adventure stories and science fiction; historical fiction and biographies of bad ass women; classics; poetry; and lately tons of books by authors I’ve never read before. Each year I participate in a reading challenge, the last 3 years it’s been Pop Sugar’s book challenge. I love the way they compile their book list and it’s often led me to read outside of my comfort zone.

I read a lot of wonderful books in 2018, and I’ve already been making a pile for 2019. So early in the morning I got out the fabric that I’d squirreled away for the pennant banner I was going to make, created and cut out my template letters, and got to sewing.

I spent the morning listening to music and true crime podcasts just over the hum of my whirring machine. When I was finished, it was time to bring together all of the items I’d collected for my book fort: a short table for books and mugs of tea, a good lamp, my tent of white & pale pink dyed fabric, and my newly finished pennant banner.

I just need to make some plush pillows for the floor and I will be set!

What’s on your crafty bucket list?