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DIY Steampunk Snowflake Skeleton Key Ornament

D-I-Y-Samantha Extance

Steampunk your Christmas Tree this holiday season with this simple, elegant, and cheap-to-make ornament! Here's what you'll need: Materials:

  • Skeleton Key (salvaged or purchased from the dollar bin at Michaels. Fake keys are better to hang on your tree because they're lighter and won't weigh the branch down)
  • Snowflake Sequin
  • Washer (small)
  • Pearl (or any other bead you desire)
  • Clothing Hook
  • Christmas Tree Hook
  • Jump rings (2 small and 1 large)
  • Headpin (1)

Materials Cost Roughly: $4-5.


  • Awl (and junk wood/cardboard surface)
  • Pair of flat nosed pliers
  • Pair of needle nosed pliers
  • Wire cutters (or toenail clippers)


  1. Using your awl poke a hole in your sequin (big enough to fir your large jump ring through). Be sure to protect your table/ work surface by putting down thick cardboard or a scrap of wood underneath where you are poking a hole in your sequin. Set aside.
  2. Take your pearl/bead and thread it on your headpin. With your flat nosed pliers bend the excess pin horizontally so that it is parallel to the pearl/bead. Place your pointer finger next to the pearl/bead and cut off excess pin with your wire cutters/toenail clippers. (You need roughly the width of your pointer finger.) Next, with your needle nosed pliers grab the very end of your pin and curl it into a loop. Be sure to close the loop completely. Then using your flat nosed pliers attach the pearl/bead to your washer.
  3. Attach your washer with a small jump ring to your clothing hook.
  4. Thread your skeleton key, snowflake sequin and clothing hook (on the opposite side of the washer and pearl) onto a large jump ring. Close securely.
  5. Grab your small jump ring and attach it to the large one you just closed. Close securely.
  6. Attach your tree hook to the small jump ring.
  7. Hang on your tree with pride!

Feel free to personalize this ornament, maybe paint your loved ones' initials on the sequin or a part of the key; or perhaps create little paper tags that say "To Santa's Workshop" or "Reindeer Stables" and attach it to the ornament as well to make it extra Christmas-y; or the ornament could also double as a gift--instead of putting it on a Christmas Tree Hook you could attach. As always, Merry Making!