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DIY Steampunk Medals

D-I-Y-Samantha Extance

Steampunk Medal DIY CollageMake your own steampunk medal! A perfect, easy addition to any Halloween costume! Materials & Tools Needed:

  • Medal Ribbon (any length you desire)
  • Bicycle Gear (from a cassette)
  • Pocketwatch part (preferably one of the cover pieces which are more ornamental)
  • Pin
  • Safety pin
  • EE3000 or 5000 glue
  • Needle & Thread (if you prefer to hand sew) or Sewing Machine (which I'd suggest)
  • Scissors


  1. Cut ribbon for the medal.
  2. Place your bike gear in the middle of your ribbon.
  3. Grab your pocketwatch part (the piece I used is the cover which you can detach by removing the hinge pin which attaches the cover to the rest of the watch).
  4. Glue a pin to the back of your pocketwatch part with EE3000 or 5000 (or another kind of glue that fuses to metal).
  5. Fold your ribbon (lining up the 2 ends evenly).
  6. Fold over the top of your ribbon (toward the back side of your medal ribbon). Place your safety pin inside the fold.
  7. Sew (by either hand stitching or machine sewing) along your fold. Be sure to stitch and back stitch if you are using a sewing machine.
  8. Cut off the excess thread.
  9. Pin your pocketwatch part to the front of your ribbon.

You're finished! Wear with pride!