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DIY Steampunk Gun Holster

D-I-Y-Samantha Extance

For those who know me, my fetish for hip holsters (regardless of who's wearing them--men & women alike are somehow more attractive to me with a hip holster strapped around their waist & leg-I blame Han Solo for this) but I digress. I've always wanted a hip holster and this Halloween I was determined to steampunk one of my very own. IMG_9234Steampunking on a budget can be tricky and oftentimes we have to sacrifice quality for fit. I found a really great holster for 9.99 at a local Halloween store. It was imitation leather, but that worked to my advantage. I was able to easily manipulate the fabric and sew on accessories. IMG_9196So let's get started! Here's what you'll need:

  • Imitation leather gun holster (sourced from your local Halloween store; mine is a kid's Indiana Jones holster--very appropriate, since I seriously love both Solo & Dr. Jones!) Mine came with a gun too; if yours does not, then you will need to purchase a toy gun. Water guns make excellent steampunk guns when painted. Here is a DIY that I love on steampunking toy guns.
  • Needle & Heavy thread (to match your leather and preferably, the kind used for coats)
  • Long Springs (upcycled from a local flea market)--You can substitute any straight metal material here: wire, typewriter keys, or even chain
  • Medium Grandfather clock gear (or reproduction gear)
  • 2 large jump rings (and flat nosed pliers)
  • 15-20 small Clothing Snaps (sourced from flea markets, but you can also go to any Fabric or Sewing store)--Mine are black, but you can also use silver
  • 1 large Clothing Snap (optional)--I used mine to disguise the modern plastic snap on my holster. You could also substitute an ornate button here if you wish
  • 1 Long metal pin (optional)--This gives your holster a little feminine flair. Choose any pin or brooch you like.


  1. Before sewing, lay out your springs on your holster & figure out their placement. I wanted mine to create a striped pattern so I spaced them a 1/4 inch apart. Once you've got all of your springs placed, sew your springs onto your holster. Be sure to tie sturdy knots & cut off any excess thread. Hide all of your knots on the inside of your holster. IMG_9198(Side note: I wanted one of my springs to curve a bit, and so I placed a couple of stitches in the middle of the spring so that it would keep a curved shape.) holster sew collage
  2. Place your pin above your springs. A large, long pin works best because it covers the tops of your springs. IMG_9213  IMG_9216
  3. Next, sew on your clothing snaps. Sew them in a pattern that you like. I alternated larger & smaller clothing snaps for a more textured look. IMG_9217    IMG_9224
  4. If desired, sew on your large sewing snap or button (over the holster's plastic snap to hide it). This step is optional. IMG_9226
  5. Last, using your flat nosed pliers--attach your gear to your pin with your 2 jump rings.IMG_9228        IMG_9233Now hook to your belt & rustle up some trouble like the airship cowgirl (or cowboy) you are!

Halloween Steampunk Costume CollageHave a Happy Halloween everyone!