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Going to the Chapel and I'm Gonna Steampunk Your Wedding!

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I am thoroughly exhausted after this weekend! My cousin, Rebecca, and her (now husband) James tied the knot in a beautiful little chapel in Raleigh, North Carolina. The whole family pitched in and there were so many handmade touches. From the stunning guest quilt my grams made, owl ring bearer pillow sewn by my mom, to the accessories worn--you could see everyone's personal touch on my cousin's special day. (I wrote a much longer post on the Marry Me Indie blog about all of the handmade elements of Becca & James's wedding which I encourage you to read later.) For my part, I was asked to officiate. I was so honored to be asked and had so much fun putting together a personal ceremony that complimented both their sweet & sarcastic personalities. There was not a dry eye in the place nor was there a single person who didn't laugh wholeheartedly once or twice. 163

As per the groom's request, I wore a top hat (made by my mom, The Salvage Steamstress), a tuxedo jacket (which had a much older feel & look), and steampunk accessories (made by yours truly). I had on a pair of dainty gearrings, one of my new gear cluster rings, a monocle pin, and steampunk bow shoe clips to dress up my plain black heels. Steampunk Bow Shoe Clips Collage

I lost my hat to the Father of the Bride, my Uncle Jeff, who fell in love with it. But luckily, I escaped with the rest of my accessories.186

Another subtle steampunk touch was my gift to the bride--a bouquet locket. We lost Popu, our grandfather, earlier this year, and Becca asked if I would make her a special locket so she could keep him close to her on her wedding day. Becca, who is a photographer, had taken this stunning portrait of Popu--where his striking blue eyes pierce through the camera with his gentleness and kindness. I thrifted an antique silver locket--an Art Deco locket to be exact, and placed her portrait of him inside. On the facing piece, there is a tiny heart cut from a pair of his old work coveralls. Her something blue. I hung it from a small silver gear and pin.257

Steampunking your wedding does not mean you have to go over the top or have a strict Victorian, Steampunk, or Sci-Fi theme. It can be subtle. Steampunk can blend in with other themes--like my cousin's, which was a modern, Southern wedding.shot_1378590698989

It is always an honor to make pieces for weddings--and I am happy to say that I have styled a couple getting married this weekend! Can't wait to share some of their pictures with you! Getting hitched yourself? I love designing jewelry & accessories for weddings. I especially enjoy creating pieces that are not only beautiful, but personal.