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Labors of Love--New from My Steampunk Studio

InspirationSamantha Extance

It's been a wonderful three day weekend. I finished a quilt, made a beautiful bouquet locket for my cousin's wedding next weekend (pictures to follow in another post), and tinkered around making new steampunk creations. Thought I'd share a few with you! Reversible Mechanic Necklace CollageThe Airship Mechanic's Necklace is reversible. On one side is a gage and on the other a ruler. Flipping over the skeleton key, you can show off both sides! I love it when pieces are reversible!

Gear Ring CollageA new product for me--rings! These are a fun cluster of gears, tiny machine parts, and sewing notions.

Gear Cascade Ring CollageThis ring is a chain & gear cascade. I love how each layer falls over each other and a perfect blend of silver, gold, back, and bronze glint off your skin.

Steampunk Ring 1 CollageAnd this last ring is a medley of washers & gears! You'll all definitely by seeing these new rings at my next show!

Steampunk Bookmark CollageI've also been making more steampunk bookmarks--which is perfect because it's back to school!

Embroidered Rose Necklace CollageI've had this embroidered rose filigree pin for a while and finally the right key came along! Don't they make a cute pair?

Airship Travel Pin CollageAnd finally, this cool travel pin which I adorned with gears, chain, and machine parts. Perfect for any airship or flight enthusiast. That's a little peek at what I've been up to this weekend.