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DIY Steampunk Christmas Tree Garland

D-I-Y-Samantha Extance

This is perhaps my favorite creation for my tiny tree this year! This steampunk garland not only provide texture and color to my tree but also a sense of movement. Each of the berry twigs nestled within each spring oscillates in a stylish swirl. This is one garland that doesn't just hang on your tree! It's simple to make and another kid friendly DIY--here's what you'll need: Materials: (No Tools are Necessary for this DIY) 

  • Twigs of fake berries (bright colors are best; also, purchase twigs with wire inside so that they're shape-able)
  • Springs (I used springs that already have hooks attached to them so it would be easier to assemble and hang the finished garland. I'd recommend using those but if you can't find springs with hooks then just attach your springs using wire, ribbon, or the berry twigs themselves; Also, the number of springs you'll need entirely depends on how long you'd like your garland)


  1. Weave the berry twigs through your springs. I choose for mine to go in an oscillating spiral pattern (I swirling up and the next one down).
  2. Attach the springs together. (If you are using wire, ribbon, or berry twigs, be sure to go through at least 2 parts of the spring to stop the wire from sliding off.)
  3. Hang on your tree!

As always, Merry Making!