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DIY Steampunk Wedding Bouquet

D-I-Y-Samantha Extance

Materials & Tools:

  • Flowers, real or synthetic (your choice)
  • Floral wire (or any green colored wire) & wire cutters (or toenail clippers)
  • Needle & thread & scissors
  • Lace & ribbon (or you can choose any kind of fabric you'd like instead of lace)
  • clock gear
  • Pin



  1. Arrange your flowers.
  2. Cut your floral wire using your wire cutters/toenail clippers. Wrap your flowers tightly with the wire to secure them.
  3. Measure your lace by wrapping it around your flowers' stems for your desired width/look. I wrapped the lace 2-3 times around the stems. Once you are done wrapping your lace tuck the end into the top of your lace. 
  4. Next, measure  the amount of ribbon you'll need to fit tightly around your bouquet. Be sure to leave yourself at least a 1/2 inch on one side for sewing the ribbon to your gear.
  5. Loop your ribbon through the gear. Sew your ribbon to your gear. Keep your stitches small and close. (You can also secure the ribbon to your gear with a hot glue gun.)
  6. Next, wrap the ribbon around your bouquet. Be sure to hold the gear in place in the front of your bouquet when you pull the loose end of the ribbon through the gear. Pin it in place with your pin (or hatpin). Cut off excess ribbon and tuck it under.
  7. Promenade proudly down the aisle!Variations:

Instead of a gear, maybe pin a cameo to your bridal bouquet. It's a romantic & nostalgic twist and yet is elegant & simple.

Or look for any other kinds of pins that you could attach to your fabric or lace that ties into your wedding's theme, your heritage, or your story as a couple. Here is another variation that combines both the cameo pin & clock gear, ribbon, and simple pastel pink fabric. It's more textured & intricate--offering a much more Stemapunk vibe.

This last variation is more simple than the above pictured cameo & gear bouquet & offers a hint of sparkle. Clip-on earrings are easy enough to find at vintage stores, flea markets, & estate sales which makes them even more appealing as materials for your bridal bouquet.

Happy Wedding Planning (or day-dreaming)!