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Hello everyone, I have been a bit M.I.A. on my blog lately. I've been busy trying to get everything together for a string holiday events. The first of which is Living Arts' Champagne & Chocolate Gala (Saturday, Nov. 19th from 7:00-10:00 pm). The event will include a silent auction where you can bid on two Bohemian Romance items: 1) a pair of Tick-Tock-Timepiece Earrings and 2) A earring & bracelet set made with pearl buttons, washers, and gunmetal chain! Both auction items come with a plum gift box and Steampunk holiday gift tag! Good luck to any bidders! I have also been working on a display for an Indie Emporium pop-up shop where you can find Bohemian Romance items for the holiday season! I love the holidays, mostly because I love giving gifts and this year I decided to include a small gift to anyone who purchases one of my items from the pop-up shop or on my Etsy shop--a Steampunk holiday gift tag! There are 3 choices: a gear evergreen Christmas tree, berry red gear scrolling holly & ivy, and a glittering gold light bulb invention! (All of which, are made with fantastic rubber stamps I purchased on 1-2-3 Stitch's website).

Also for the pop-up shop I made a giveaway D.I.Y. which I will post on my blog later this month on how to make your own holiday gift tags using salvaged or upcylced materials! I am super excited. Here's a preview of one of my gift tag creations with instructions!

Well, next week will not be any less busy--my brother is getting married & my mom and I are getting together to make the bridesmaids' jewelry and design the floral arrangements! I'll be sure & sneak a few minutes to post some picture