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Dark Carnivale~Bohemian Romance & The Salvage Steamstress Fashion Show

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Saturday, Sept. 29th, at Indie Emporium, was my very first fashion show! I styled the models myself and created unique jewelry pieces to compliment my mom's, the Salvage Steamstress, fantastical hats! We had a blast! I can certainly say that out of all the models & designers waiting backstage--we had to most fun! Playing with our props, tipping our hats to one another and just generally being goofy. This sense of playfulness carried over into the show (for which I am very glad). For those of you who missed it, here are a few photos that were taken n the runway!

Here is Caroline wearing the Lady Hawke Top Hat, gearrings, and LadyIron Gear Necklace. At the end of the runway, Caroline activated her prop--a beaded skeleton parasol.

Confidently, Caroline walked back up the runway, tipping her hat to Renee.

Renee modeled the Auntie Mame Bowler, gearrings, and the Amalia Popper Opera Necklace (for which I won honorable mention in Bead Magazine's steampunk contest).

At the end of the runway, Renee activated her prop--a fan which she opened with a swift flick of her wrist!

Next came Holly wearing a Steampunk Scottish Beret, gearrings, the No. 117 Steampunk bow tie, an electrical fuse bracelet, and the Seaside Girls Steampunk necklace (made for LiberateUlysses's Bloomsday Art Project in 2012).

At the end of the runway, Holly activated her prop--a gun (an vintage paper popper).

Doffing his tophat to Holly, Thom sauntered up the runway wearing the Tick Tock Top Hat, Imperial Steampunk medal (necklace), Steampunk General's medallion (pinned right), and Skeleton Key Kilt Pin (pinned left).

At the end of the runway, posing like the gentlemen he is--Thom paused and checked the time on his steam train pocket watch while leaning on his cane.

As Frenchy and the Punk's gypsy tune, "Dark Carnivale," played on, our next model, Kathleen wearing the Puttin' On the Ritz Steampunk Bowler, gearrings, gold gear cuff, spiral skeleton key cuff, and typewriter key necklace ripped flowers from her lace bodice and threw them out into the audience. Kathleen saved a bunch of violets for Melissa--our final model.

Melissa wore Frankly Scarlett Steampunk Top Hat, gearrings and a spiral cog necklace. Her prop, a riding crop, was activated all down the runway! The cattle call was so much fun--it was surreal being up there with my mom with everyone clapping. To see so many smiles, I knew we had pulled it off and transported them somewhere magical.

Thank You

First and foremost to my mom, for inspiring this collection of jewelry and for creating such beautiful hats. You keep challenging me & I am so grateful that you do! Second, thanks to Christine Crowe for insisting that I do the fashion show in the first place. Without that push, I would never have dreamed of doing this! Third, my wonderful models--Caroline, Renee, Holly, Thom, Kathleen, and Melissa! You were so wonderful and I couldn't have done it without you! To the volunteers at Indie Emporium who organized the music & helped us with a run-through. And last but not least, to Val Esparza for all of your help & support!

Here's a little of our behind the scenes madness/goofiness!

By the way--did I mention that Juliette Lewis loved Holly's outfit?!! She didn't stay for the show but she did snap a photo of Holly with her phone! Gleep! So freakin' cool! An outfit I styled is on Juliette Lewis's phone!

A Sneak Peek at Bohemian Romance's Fashion Show at Indie Emporium on Saturday

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I'll be doing my first fashion show this Saturday at Indie Emporium! The collection is called Dark Carnivale and is a collaboration between me and my mom, Cindy. Cindy created fantastical steampunk hats and I created pieces to accompany them. Here is a little preview of what you'll see on Saturday at the show!

My mom calls this hat--Puttin' on the Ritz! The collage of vintage rhinestone pins are accented by a salvaged tie, refashioned around the brim of the bowler hat. At the back, a tiny red feather gives just a pop of color. Just one more sneak peek--got to save something for the show right? This gray top hat is festooned with black feathers the spiral and cascade back down toward the brim. A fancy embroidered ribbon hugs the base of the top hat and accompanies the focal point of this piece--a cameo which has been beaded around to highlight its startling silver tone with pearl, gray, and crystal beads.

You can see the other creations we have in store for you on Saturday. Hope to see you there, 8:00 pm sharp!

Steampunk Temporary Tattoos

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The Indie Emporium grab bags are going to be EPIC this year! Tee shirts from Darby & Dash, buttons galore, mini prints, coupons for money off your purchases at the show, and....(drumroll please) Steampunk Temporary Tattoos! I designed these 2 tattoos myself. One is a sketch of the Diving Bell Helmet that I have in my booth display and the other is the silhouette I use as my logo--the lovely Lady Gears! I couldn't have done this without Buttonhead on Etsy. Check out her shop, she makes buttons & custom tattoos. Grab bags go to the first 50 people so get there early! Can't wait to see you all at the show!

The Pocket Watch Bow Tie

Inspiration, ShowsSamantha Extance

I am bursting with pride right now--I have made what I consider one of my best creations--The Pocket Watch Bow Tie. Even though my fingers are riddled with pinpricks and sore from fiddling with metal for the majority of today; and even though my back and neck feel as if they will remain craned over horizontal surfaces forever & never straighten out again...I am so unbelievably happy.

It's moments like these that I am grateful for the people in my life that helped me develop my imagination (seriously,  thanks Mom & Grams). I love what I do and I love what I make--which is often why it is so hard to sell certain pieces. This one has a a little bit of my soul in it, a whole lotta love & whimsy, and a touch of what makes great art--joy.

Hope everyone has a lovely Sunday. Drop by my booth at Indie Emporium this Friday and Saturday (and remember the fashion show is on Saturday @ 8pm, get there early)--there's a ton of new jewelry and accessories--esp. for you gents.

Well, I am heading to bed where I will certainly be dreaming up more fantastical creations!


Gearing Up for Indie Emporium!

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Indie Emporium is 10 days away and I am so excited for it this year! In addition to having a booth at the show, I am showcasing some of my more hardcore Steampunk jewelry pieces alongside my mom's fantastical Steampunk top hats, berets, & bowlers!  It is not an event to miss! (The fashion show takes place on Sat. Sept. 29th at 8:00pm--space fills up quickly so get there early). I've been working like a mad scientist in his lab so much lately that I have neglected my blog a bit. So here are some things I've been cooking up--Gearrings Galore!

I've made so many earrings I will not even be able to put them all out at the same time! Unless I get extra creative with my display (which may just happen in 10 days). I've been on a button-kick lately. Pearl buttons lend a daintiness and femininity to harsh metals--one of the reasons I use them so often in my jewelry. A main staple of my gearrings are clothing snaps--you can see them in the earrings in the above collage on the left. My favorite pair I've recently made is pictured on the left (in the middle). A new development is my use of black buttons which I think add just a touch a dark romance.I've been asked to make more cameo necklaces and here are 2 of the latest! I've nestled them in pocket watches and paired each cameo with a background of book print. Gents, now don't go thinking that I forgot about you--I have some extra special men's Steampunk pieces this year. I have a line of Steampunked bow ties. And of course, man-bling like necklaces, leather cuffs, and jacket pins. There will also be a male model in the fashion show--donning a top hat, pocket watch, cuff, and steampunk medal (pictured below).And I'll also have something for you explorers and adventurers--compasses!

Phew! Well, back to my cluttered workshop table. Hope to see you at Indie Emporium and I really hope you come by for the fashion show!

Bohemian Romance Model Casting Call

ShowsSamantha Extance

Bohemian Romance Model Casting Call!

Who I am Looking For:

Looking for 5 female models aged 20 and up, of various body types and builds. I would like to have some diversity with models and represent a range of healthy body types and ages in the show if possible. My only prerequisite is that all models must have pierced ears.

Please provide 2 photos (one of your lovely face & one that includes you from head to toe), and your name to the following email address:

More about Me & the Event:

Bohemian Romance will be in this year’s Indie Emporium Fashion Show! Indie Emporium is in its 6th year and offers plenty of exposure & opportunities for artists. The fashion show takes place at Living Arts on Saturday, September 29th at 8:00 pm. Models must arrive at 4:00 pm that day for hair & makeup.

Products to be Modeled:

You will be modeling Steampunk accessories (mainly hats and jewelry). Most of you who read this blog are familiar with Steampunk but for those of you who were referred here—it is “Jane Austen meets Mad Max,” or in simpler terms it is a subculture that fuses science fiction & fantasy with Victorian culture, sensibility, and steam technology. Think clock gears, corsets, goggles, and ray guns and you’re halfway there.

What You’ll Get from Me:

Unfortunately I cannot pay for models but each will receive a free ticket to Indie Emporium, digital photography of themselves for their portfolio, exposure & networking with other designers, and a steampunk jewelry set that I will custom design for each individual model.

Again, those interested please email me, Sam, at Thanks!

Living Arts Champagne & Chocolate Gala & Things Galore...

D-I-Y-, ShowsSamantha Extance

Hello everyone, I have been a bit M.I.A. on my blog lately. I've been busy trying to get everything together for a string holiday events. The first of which is Living Arts' Champagne & Chocolate Gala (Saturday, Nov. 19th from 7:00-10:00 pm). The event will include a silent auction where you can bid on two Bohemian Romance items: 1) a pair of Tick-Tock-Timepiece Earrings and 2) A earring & bracelet set made with pearl buttons, washers, and gunmetal chain! Both auction items come with a plum gift box and Steampunk holiday gift tag! Good luck to any bidders! I have also been working on a display for an Indie Emporium pop-up shop where you can find Bohemian Romance items for the holiday season! I love the holidays, mostly because I love giving gifts and this year I decided to include a small gift to anyone who purchases one of my items from the pop-up shop or on my Etsy shop--a Steampunk holiday gift tag! There are 3 choices: a gear evergreen Christmas tree, berry red gear scrolling holly & ivy, and a glittering gold light bulb invention! (All of which, are made with fantastic rubber stamps I purchased on 1-2-3 Stitch's website).

Also for the pop-up shop I made a giveaway D.I.Y. which I will post on my blog later this month on how to make your own holiday gift tags using salvaged or upcylced materials! I am super excited. Here's a preview of one of my gift tag creations with instructions!

Well, next week will not be any less busy--my brother is getting married & my mom and I are getting together to make the bridesmaids' jewelry and design the floral arrangements! I'll be sure & sneak a few minutes to post some picture