Bohemian Romance Jewelry

Bohemian Romance now at Dwelling Spaces!

UncategorizedSamantha Extance

I am delighted to say that you can now find my jewelry in Dwelling Spaces!  I am honored and proud to be among such crafty folks and fellow make:Tulsans (Gleeful Peacock & Weather & Noise)! I had tons of fun last week creating my display: another antique printer drawer upcycled, a vintage gardener's tray (which I fashioned with a pin cushion and filled with some tiny lightbulbs, various vintage buttons, a page from an old Japanese novel, & a bit of lace), and an Atomventor's Jar (pictured on the top right).

I will be posting a D.I.Y. on how to make your own Atomventor's Jar on Wednesday! So if you're going to a garage sale, flea market, or simply raiding your dad's barn or shed--be sure to snag a couple lightbulbs! Try and find ones that will fit through a Mason Jar's opening.