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Thanks Indie Emporium!

ShowsSamantha Extance

What a wonderful weekend! Music, fashion, crafters going toe-to-toe in challenges, and D.I.Y. work stations! My favorite part of the show is hearing stories from everyone when they come across something in my display or jewelry that reminds them of a memory. Sometimes I am lucky enough, and they share them with me. I heard stories about a grandmother's button box (that was raided frequently as pirate treasure), a father's electrical fuses (that were studied with wonder), and some who could recall days when subway tokens were used instead of disposable electronic tickets.

Now, I have a memory I would like to share with all of you. A girl and her mom were perusing my jewelry and came across my giant skeleton key. The young girl exclaimed, "Wow. That's a big key."

I replied, "Imagine the door that that key opened. It'd have to be a very big door. I wonder what's behind it." Before I blinked, she replied:

"An ice cave." She explained that the ice cave was very cold and we needed to wear coats and boots. The cave was also guarded by monsters. These monsters had 20-100 (twenty hundred) arms and heads, seventy eyes, and luckily for us they were ticklish. We snuck past them and used they key to open the door. Once the door was open we had to do a special dance to gain access. The young girl pirouetted and leaped. We were in the cave!

Intrigued to know more I asked her, "What's in this ice cave?"

"A bubble robot."

"Wow, a bubble robot! What is the robot guarding?"

The young girl quipped, "A treasure chest. We need to find another key to open it." She looked on my table and found one (I have tons of key necklaces!). Here it is!" We used the key to open the treasure chest (which opened with a creak) and inside found a rare treasure--a bubble blowing flower!

What an adventure and what an imagination!Congratulations to Jessica Hanback, the winner of a $40 gift certificate!


Thanks to everyone for coming out to see me at Indie Emporium. I'll be at Art on Main in Jenks, OK in front of Miss Isabelle's antique shop on Saturday, October 8 from 10 am to 5 pm!