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DIY Toy Tea Sets

UncategorizedSamantha Extance

I love making toys for my niece and godkids and the toy I've been working on lately definitely has a steampunk/Victorian flare: fabric tea bags for tea time.

If you search on Pinterest, there are a variety of great DIYs on how to make these. I'd recommend the following: Fresh Paint (for a standard DIY), Weibo (for a great felt version), and my favorite which I based my own on--Lil Blue Boo (which has a cute idea for a tea box too).

I added my own touches to Lil Blue Boo's DIY, I used patterned fabrics and used scrapbook paper to decorate the outside of my lil tea box. I also achieved the feel and consistency of tea leaves with shredded paper (like the kind you'd buy for a gift or Easter  basket).

This is also a wonderful sewing project because it's inexpensive. I had some 5 x 5 squares left over and I could make approximately 2 tea bags out of 1 5 x 5 square. This is flexible enough that you can also use fabric scraps.

My niece loved hers, and I am still dutifully sewing more for friends who've asked. It's a fun, relatively quick project. Merry Making!