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NYC Treasures

UncategorizedSamantha Extance

As promised, here's what I found at the open air flea market near the Flat Iron Building.

Rhinestone pins & pendants, an enamel butterfly, several earrings missing their other half, a pearl bracelet I am going to deconstruct, and 3 rhinestone necklaces that I can't wait to re-imagine as steampunk pieces.

Also, buttons & sewing notions galore!

Test glasses, a pocketwatch, gold cigarette case, locker keys, small skeleton keys, a piece of metal that looks like a ship's steering wheel, and a tiny rhinestone & enamel shamrock pin (which will just stay as is--since it's utterly fabulous).

Some of these materials have already made their way into finished pieces.

This necklace, which is simple but elegant.

This bracelet, which I now can't part with! It's too cute. I love how the key says "Presto"!

And numerous pairs of earrings made with sewing hooks, snaps, & clasps.

I love traveling & finding new materials to create with--it's rejuvenating. Merry Making & Safe Travels everyone!