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Steampunk Tiaras

UncategorizedSamantha Extance

The first steampunk tiara I made was in collaboration with my mom for Marry Me Indie and my second (and favorite) fashion show I put together. Steampunk Bride(Modeled by the fabulous, Alicia Astaire)

I've purchased a few tiaras since then with the hopes of making more steampunk bridal pieces with a bit of flair, daintiness, and fun. I've finally finished a number of them (the right materials came along to compliment them) and wanted to share them with all of you!

Steampunk Springs tiara Steampunk Springs tiaraThis rhinestone tiara is marvelously bent, and I finally found the prefect accent to its wonderful, simple shapes--springs! The dulled luster of the spring pairs the subdued sparkle of the rhinestones.

Steampunk Peaked Gear Tiara CollageSimple and elegant--I love mixing rhinestone, silver, and the brassy gold of gears!

Steampunk Tiny Tiaras Collage 2Tiny Tiaras! I found 3 in Guthrie a few weeks back and I was so excited to sit down at my studio table and steampunk them.

Steampunk Tiny Tiara Collage 1I am now on the hunt for more tiaras to steampunk. I had so much fun transforming each of these! What have you all been making?