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Wooden Wedding Spoon Set

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Rhys & I received our very first wedding present, and it was handmade with a lot of thought, love, and imagination! The very best kind of gift! I wanted to share it with all of you because it's a truly wonderful steampunk creation...a set of wooden spoons with steampunk images wood-burned onto the backs to make them not only decorative, but personal. Steampunk Wedding Spoon Set

The first spoon is an ornate monogram, "M" for Martin. Even though I'll be keeping my last name, I do consider myself a Martin. I love all of the beautiful work surrounding this letter.

M Spoon

This next spoon has two clock hands wood-burned on it. I love clock hands--they are one of my favorite materials to work with.

Clock Hands Spoon

This next design is three gears and a heart shaped key hole--and it's stunning the amount of detail.

Heart & Gear Spoon

This spoon is perhaps my favorite; it's a compass. Rhys proposed to me with a compass, and compasses now bring such memories of joy, promise, and love.

Compass Spoon

The next three designs are simply stunning: a skeleton key with elegant scroll-work, a dirigible airship flying away, and a pocketwatch with tiny gears turning.

Skeleton Key Spoon

Airship SpoonPocketwatch SpoonIt's no secret that I love cooking & baking, or that I am passionate about steampunk. I can't wait to get cookin' and am grateful already for the thoughtfulness & talents of friends.