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Thank you to everyone who came out to support me at Blue Dome Arts Festival 2012! It was both affirming and wonderful to see so many people wearing jewelry that I made when they stopped by my little booth. Someone asked me this year why I was at Blue Dome and not Mayfest--a question I happily answered. I would like to share that answer with all of you. Blue Dome gave me a chance. In 2010, I applied to Mayfest and was respectfully rejected (and I would like to add, given valuable feedback on my application which I then used for later shows). But it was Blue Dome that offered me the opportunity to display my work for the first time. It was at that show that I realized that my Steampunk pieces were the ones that people enjoyed the most. Afterwhich I moved away from traditional beading and poured all of my energy into making only those pieces.

I met incredible people who told me about other shows, like Alliday Everyday & Indie Emporium that would later lead to other successes (becoming a member of Make:Tulsa and being carried in stores, the first shop of which was & is Dwelling Spaces). I consider myself very lucky because I met such kindred, crafty spirits who genuinely wished me success & helped me grow as an artist.

Though I cringe to show you what my booth looked like in 2010, here it is:

I cringe a little when I look at this picture but I'm proud too, because I have grown immensely. I moved away from general jewelry-making and indulged heartily in my love of Steampunk. Now, my booth reflects what I make:

The tie-dye is gone, the tomato plant has retired, and I finally have a sign! Now I am complimented often on (and offered twice as often as I'm complimented to buy) my display pieces. Old projector lightbulbs, antique books, printer drawers, vintage scale & weights, turn-of-the-century eyeglasses, ink well, diving bell helmet model, & old tools....

So I want to say Thank You Blue Dome for believing in me and giving young artists a fighting chance. Happy Tuesday everyone!