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The Beauty of Collaboration

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This weekend my jewelry & accessories were used in a steampunk fashion shoot & workshop for photographers. Here is a selection of stunning photographs taken by the very talented Chuck Coleman, of CCI Agency and Steamers World,  to whom I owe a tremendous Thank You. Chuck captured photos that seem as if they were plucked from one of the many fictional worlds that inspire me! I can't wait to see how Chuck's artistry grows and hope that this will be the start of many more collaborations! 1074743_398542726923005_1080550050_oPictured above is the Frankly Scarlet Top Hat, Skeleton Umbrella, Golden Gear Cameo Necklace, and Spring Earrings! 1077266_399039543539990_378457749_oPictured above is the Pocketwatch Bow Tie (a favorite of mine!) and a Royal Steampunk Medallion. Is this chap dashing?

1072645_398556406921637_2133111456_oPictured above is the Time Conductor's Top Hat, Steampunk Princess Braclet, Royal Crest Medal, Spring Earrings, and a Steampunk Bicycle Gear Necklace. Strong, beautiful, and not to be trifled with!

1074023_398627126914565_1776030313_oPictured above is the Steampunk Highlander Hat, Compass Slave-Bracelet, Royal Steampunk Crest Medal, Simply Steampunk Gear Bracelet, and a Royal Steampunk Medallion.

1074457_399319886845289_768851215_oTime for tea? Why I don't mind if I do! Pictured above is the Airship Propeller Necklace, Tim-Traveler's wrist watch, Steampunk Medal, Keyhole Gear Lariat, and the Tick-Tock Bow Tie! Does he look like an Earl Gray to you? (Pardon the pun! It was too delicious to resist!)

1075450_398669153577029_936443597_oThis dapper dame is wearing the Aunte Mame Bowler (my mom's favorite) and a pair of dangly gearrings! Isn't she fabulous?!

1077166_399277090182902_773196526_oAnd last, well for now--I will be posting these pictures and more on my gallery page, is this wonderful photo! Pictured on the gentlemen are two Royal Crest Steampunk Medals and a Royal Steampunk Medallion. On the lovely lady, is the Golden Gear Cameo Necklace, Compass Bracelet, Gearrings, Time Conductor's Top Hat, and of coarse, the skeleton umbrella!

Thanks again to Chuck Coleman, to all of the fabulous models, and to all of the other artists who collaborated to make this shoot possible! Now, off to make more steampunk treasures!

DIY Handkerchief

D-I-Y-Samantha Extance

All ladies need a handkerchief, so why not make your own? Here's what you'll need:

  • Square of Absorbent fabric (my fabric is a piece of 5x5 muslin)
  • 20 inches of lace
  • Pins
  • Sewing machine
  • Scissors; Olfa cutter
  • Omnigrid ruler (or any other kind of fabric ruler)
  • Embroidery thread & needle (optional)

DIY Handkerchief 3Steps:DIY Handkerchief

  1. Iron your fabric.
  2. Measure your fabric with your omnigrid (or other fabric ruler). I wanted a tiny handkerchief so that I could pin it inside my dress or tuck it inside my bodice. I measured it to be a 5x5 square. Equal sides work best (so 6x6, 8x8, 10x10, 12x12 for example) is best. Once you've measured your fabric, cut it out using your olfa cutter or scissors.
  3. Next measure your lace. You want 4 pieces all equal to the length of your handkerchief sides. I measured and cut 4 pieces of 5 inch lace since I have a 5x5 handkerchief. DIY Handkerchief 2
  4. Pin your lace in place. Make sure that your lace overlaps at the edges. Then sew. You can sew continuously by lifting up your machine's foot and pivoting your handkerchief. Cut off any excess threads.
  5. (Optional) Embroider your initials or an elegant design on your handkerchief. You can also both embroider & draw on your handkerchief (as I've done above. I embroidered the initial "C" and drew a pretty floral design using a micropoint fabric pen).

These handkerchiefs are elegant & easy to make. They are a perfect bridesmaid gift! I am making handkerchiefs as a giveaway for Marry Me Indie! The first 50 brides to attend will receive a bag full of free goodies from each of the vendors. So if you want a handmade muslin & lace handkerchief of your very own--come by the show early!

Gearing Up for Indie Emporium!

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Indie Emporium is 10 days away and I am so excited for it this year! In addition to having a booth at the show, I am showcasing some of my more hardcore Steampunk jewelry pieces alongside my mom's fantastical Steampunk top hats, berets, & bowlers!  It is not an event to miss! (The fashion show takes place on Sat. Sept. 29th at 8:00pm--space fills up quickly so get there early). I've been working like a mad scientist in his lab so much lately that I have neglected my blog a bit. So here are some things I've been cooking up--Gearrings Galore!

I've made so many earrings I will not even be able to put them all out at the same time! Unless I get extra creative with my display (which may just happen in 10 days). I've been on a button-kick lately. Pearl buttons lend a daintiness and femininity to harsh metals--one of the reasons I use them so often in my jewelry. A main staple of my gearrings are clothing snaps--you can see them in the earrings in the above collage on the left. My favorite pair I've recently made is pictured on the left (in the middle). A new development is my use of black buttons which I think add just a touch a dark romance.I've been asked to make more cameo necklaces and here are 2 of the latest! I've nestled them in pocket watches and paired each cameo with a background of book print. Gents, now don't go thinking that I forgot about you--I have some extra special men's Steampunk pieces this year. I have a line of Steampunked bow ties. And of course, man-bling like necklaces, leather cuffs, and jacket pins. There will also be a male model in the fashion show--donning a top hat, pocket watch, cuff, and steampunk medal (pictured below).And I'll also have something for you explorers and adventurers--compasses!

Phew! Well, back to my cluttered workshop table. Hope to see you at Indie Emporium and I really hope you come by for the fashion show!

Bohemian Romance Model Casting Call

ShowsSamantha Extance

Bohemian Romance Model Casting Call!

Who I am Looking For:

Looking for 5 female models aged 20 and up, of various body types and builds. I would like to have some diversity with models and represent a range of healthy body types and ages in the show if possible. My only prerequisite is that all models must have pierced ears.

Please provide 2 photos (one of your lovely face & one that includes you from head to toe), and your name to the following email address:

More about Me & the Event:

Bohemian Romance will be in this year’s Indie Emporium Fashion Show! Indie Emporium is in its 6th year and offers plenty of exposure & opportunities for artists. The fashion show takes place at Living Arts on Saturday, September 29th at 8:00 pm. Models must arrive at 4:00 pm that day for hair & makeup.

Products to be Modeled:

You will be modeling Steampunk accessories (mainly hats and jewelry). Most of you who read this blog are familiar with Steampunk but for those of you who were referred here—it is “Jane Austen meets Mad Max,” or in simpler terms it is a subculture that fuses science fiction & fantasy with Victorian culture, sensibility, and steam technology. Think clock gears, corsets, goggles, and ray guns and you’re halfway there.

What You’ll Get from Me:

Unfortunately I cannot pay for models but each will receive a free ticket to Indie Emporium, digital photography of themselves for their portfolio, exposure & networking with other designers, and a steampunk jewelry set that I will custom design for each individual model.

Again, those interested please email me, Sam, at Thanks!