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Falling in Love with Fall

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I'm known for my odd sense of style (those of you who have seen me at shows know this)--here's a layered look I styled entirely around a beautifully hand stitched pumpkin pin my mom made for me (pictured top right).

Fall to me means textures, layers, and deep hues. So take a look around your closet and find some odd textures, play around with your sweaters and even some of your summer clothes. The red dress and striped sheer sleeveless shirt are part of my summer wardrobe but coupled with my mustard yellow polka dot sweater and tall brown leather boots--I was able to convert them into fall wear.

Email me a picture of your favorite fall outfit--the one with the wackiest couplings and textures will win a pumpkin pin just like mine! Contest will end on Saturday! Can't wait to see all of your fabulous fall fashions!