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Intercast Gries Reproducer Corp. Jewelry

Flea Market FindsSamantha Extance

I found these really great tool charm that actually move! I thought they were perfect for steampunking! First, a little bit of history: the Gries Reproducer Corporation operated out of New York and from the 1950s to 1960s ran giveaways of tool charms (like these) in Cracker Jacks! Pretty neat, huh? 1950 1 Collage 1950 2 Collage1950 3 CollageThe pliers are perhaps my favorite since I do work with them often myself. I made a cute pair of earrings for my mom & I. 1950 4 Collage

1950 5 Collage1950 6 CollageThe scissors are cute too! They remind me of a steamstress!

1950 7 CollageAnd last, but not least, the pocketknife which is by far the most intricate & dainty. Here's what I made with them!

1950 Earrings CollageI just love gearrings--especially gearrings that appeal to the airship mechanic & tinkerer in all of us!

Style Me Steampunk, Simple Romance

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I love steampunk fashion & accessories–in fact, I love these 2 things so much that I cannot relegate them solely to cons, shows, or Halloween. “Style me Steampunk” is a series of blog posts on how to infuse your everyday wardrobe with a steampunk flair. From dressy to casual, office appropriate attire to outfits you can wear when you paint the town red–I will offer up ideas for outfits that will hopefully inspire some of you to dip into your closet and get creative! MySteampunkSyle 1Style No. 3: Simple Romance

My mom bought me these lovely tapestry Victorian style high heeled boots for Christmas and it's been challenging trying to place them with the right outfit. Most of us steampunkers have fantastic shoes; however, with other statement steampunk wear the overall look is too costume-y for everyday dress. My advice to you, when you just feel like wearing your steampunk style footwear (or really any other statement piece you own & would love to wear more) is this--let that piece be your only statement. The rest of your outfit should compliment it and also be understated. Basically, keep it simple.

For instance, my boots have an intricate floral pattern so I avoided patterns elsewhere on my clothing. I chose a pale pink dress paired with a charcoal gray knit sweater. (And because I like my outfits a little funky, I wore some brown argyle tights to pick up the brown hue of my boots' soles).

Accessories are always a must! I wore very simple and dainty jewelry--a pair of washer & pearl earrings and a single cog necklace on fine chain. With statement pieces, avoid wearing statement jewelry as it may make you look costume-y.

I like to call this overall look "Simple Romance" because I feel feminine, dainty, and simply elegant.

To Re-Create this Look:

  • Victorian Style Boots (Mine were made by a fabulous shoe company called Poetic License; the style is "Lady Victoria")
  • Chiffon pink dress (I purchased mine from H&M years ago)
  • Gray sweater (purchased from Converse, and they are currently on sale)
  • Tights (to match your boots)
  • Simple steampunk jewelry (which you can purchase from my Etsy shop)

This look would be perfect for Valentine's Day which is just around the corner!