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Halloween Costume DIY Round Up

D-I-Y-, UncategorizedSamantha Extance

I always love this time of year. The weather is getting cooler,  I can bust out my Halloween pumpkin pin my mom made me, and of course, everyone is crafting their costumes for the big night! Thought I would re-share some of my Halloween costume DIYs for those of you looking for some ideas. Happy Crafting!

  1. Royal Gloves from an Old Plain Pair IMG_3436
  2. Lace & Rhinestone Halloween Mask (for the femme fatale or Princess Incognita in all of us) SJE-6
  3. Embellish your Military Costume with some DIY Medals
  4. Make your own Steampunk Gun Holster IMG_9226
  5. Jazz Up an Last Year's Mask with some Gears IMG_3600
  6. Make a Monocle Bowler Hat (every Watson needs one!)shot_1373926098697
  7. Or Embellish a Metal Mask to Make It More Your OwnSamGold-3
  8. Make your own Steampunk Crown 

More Halloween Fun--here are some easy, fun decor DIYs for your Halloween House Party to make your night more ghoulish! Make your own:

  1. Steampunk Halloween Candelabra IMG_9147
  2.  Party Decorations
  3. Steampunk Pumpkin Carvings