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Alluring New Pieces

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Sometimes there is a material I find that inspires a lot of new pieces. One such material is a recent find, a bunch of vintage brass fishing lures. Their shape and size were perfect for adding to earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. With them, I've made some "alluring" new pieces. (Forgive the pun, my husband is really rubbing off on me.) I wanted to share them with all of you!

Alluring Blog 1

I made some fun pairs of earrings--all with that great shape of the fishing lure, especially for dangle-y, long earrings.

Alluring Blog Post 2

The fishing lures were also perfect for layering dainty, hard to see clock parts.They provided a neutral backdrop.

Alluring Blog Post 3

With the lures, I also made some pretty, yet simple necklaces. To me, they're very summery--gold and brilliant blue. The lures also resembled feathers to me too, so I've been making more multicultural style steampunk pieces with them as well.

Been having fun in the studio as you see. More new pieces to come soon.

All of these pieces and more, I've added to my online shop in the New Section!