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Steampunk Buttons!

UncategorizedSamantha Extance

On a recent trip to JoAnn Fabrics I discovered a wonderful new supply--steampunk style buttons! They are relativity inexpensive and  can be added to any sewing project to 'punk it up. I bought some to refurbish my winter coat! IMG_3360

The majority of them are gears in a variety of metal finishes, sizes, and gear styles. Some are more intricate and highlight old objects or fiction themselves, like:


Skeleton keys (which I can't wait to use to fasten a cloak and a coat) and an elaborate Octopus button (which I would use as a brooch instead of a button because it is so fabulous).


There were also some compasses and clock faces, which could be improved upon with a little bit of painting!

As always, Happy Crafting!