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Jewelry Spotlight: My Wedding Jewelry

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I had so many ideas and designs sketched for my wedding jewelry, but as with my best pieces the end result came when I put on my favorite music and sat at my studio table and played with the individual pieces until it felt right. Rhys&SamWedding-30


The other bracelet was one of my many something borroweds. My best friend since childhood, Tiffany, lent me her rhinestone bracelet which was her something new that I gave her for her wedding. Rhys&SamWedding-171

Here she is putting the bracelet on my wrist. It is wonderful to have friends who truly love the jewelry I make or give them. It's such an immensely humbling and fulfilling moment when you realize that it's also a cherished piece. I almost cried when Tiffany pulled the bracelet out of her bag.


My best friend Kelechi also lent me a precious piece of jewelry, her grandmother's sapphire ring. I know how important and dear the ring is to her and it meant the world to me that she let me borrow it for the evening. It made me feel like Cinderella.


I made a bouquet locket for myself with my grandfather, Popu's, picture in it out of an old silver bookmark and a lovely odd shaped silver locket. Around the base of my bouquet I tied another dear gift, a periwinkle blue rhinestone necklace that my mother-in-law, Lory, gave me for our wedding. It was her mother's, and it meant so much to me that she entrusted an heirloom to me. It sparkled beautifully and a little piece of Grandma Mary walked with me down the aisle.


Th earrings I made for myself were silver gears, mismatched, with antique pearls, rhinestone spacer beads, and vintage teardrop crystals. They are simple, dainty, and elegant. Rhys&SamWedding-165

Here is a side view of my necklace. I made it with re-purposed silver chain, a silver cuckoo clock gear, a faceted Austrian crystal (rectangular shaped), and a rhinestone metal flower bead. All these little pieces and more are what I had squirreled away for myself one day.

Thanks for letting me share a little more of our wedding with you, especially the jewelry. I love weddings, and have been fortunate enough to create some bridal pieces and wedding party collections for several couples. I am always honored.