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Swap-o-Rama-Rama Live Pinterest Board Projects

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At Swap-O-Rama-Rama again this year we have a live Pinterest Board--with examples of the projects already made to inspire you. Here are a list of instructions (and links) to make these projects on your own: 1) Update an Old Mask (brought to you by Bohemian Romance)IMG_3580

2) Headband Crown (brought to you by Hello Bee & tweaked a little) Follow HelloBee instructions, and if you would like your crown to be a headband instead. Simply Make your crown from a single piece of felt (the size you'd purchase from many craft stores) and cut two small slits in opposite sides and insert the headband! FullSizeRender

3) Military Vest from an Old Vest (brought to you by Bohemian Romance, and inspired by Bifftastica) First, select an old vest that is made of sturdy fabric. Purchase approximately 30-36 military-style or simple metal buttons (approximately 12 per row). First begin by replacing your original buttons with your military-style buttons. Add additional buttons if desired and create new button holes by cutting slits into your vest's fabric. Next, add 2 additional rows of buttons on both sides of your vest.SORR 7

4) Update an Old Pair of Gloves (brought to you by Bohemian RomanceIMG_3430

5) From Bridesmaid Dress to Princess (this is very simple & great if you have a bridesmaid dress just gathering cobwebs in the closet). Accentuate the dress by adding lace, rhinestone pins, or a sash. On the example dress, we've added faux sleeves by sewing lace up and over (from the front to the back of) the dress. Be sure to measure how much lace you'll need beforehand and leave at least 1/4 inch to a 1/2 inch on each side for sewing. We've also added a rhinestone pin on the side! SORR 9 collage

6) Spats (Here is a lovely pattern for Spats) The directions for these spats are printed on the pattern. The only step that is not explained fully is how to add your closure (meaning the buttons, hooks, or ribbons that you want to use to fasten your spats to your shoes). When adding buttons or hooks, place the spat around the shoe and mark where you'd like your closures to go with a fabric pencil or chalk. Then sew the buttons/hooks onto the bottom layer of your spat. Create buttonholes if using buttons; sew the second portion of your hooks to the other side. If using ribbons as an enclosure, sew a piece of ribbon to each side of your spat and be sure to leave enough room for you to tie your spat closed. SORR 8

Thank you to everyone who came out for Swap-o-Rama-Rama, Halloween Edition this year! Thank you to all of our volunteers & orgainzers: Hollyrocks, Bifftastica, Bohemian Romance, Made, Indie Emporium, The Workshop, and as always, The Philbrook Museum of Art.