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My Studio Will Be Open to the Public!

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I am happy & excited to announce that my studio will be one of the stops on the Tulsa Art Studio Tour this year! The Tulsa Art Studio Tour is hosted and organized by the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition and showcases "the talent of artists who live and work in the Tulsa area. This self-guided tour offers you the chance to meet artists, buy artwork, and observe art being created in a variety of working spaces." For a complete list of artists on this year's tour, click here. Tour Dates & Times: Saturday, April 12th and Sunday, April 13th from noon-5:oo pm (both days)

12196364773_5775066c35_b(1)My Stop on the Tour:

I have met many of you at local craft shows where we've talked about the antiques & oddities that I use both in my work and to display my work. I hope that I will see many of your familiar faces walking through my door. I am delighted to share the wonderful "junkyard"  that is my studio table--where pieces lie in wait, percolating, to be made into something new.

You'll also see my beloved antiques strewn about the room and adorning the mantle of the fireplace; my kitchen table--where this whole thing started; my gutted re-invention of a grandfather clock; and my walls, which are littered with old photos of the LeTrec Family--whose complete family photo collection I saved from a dumpster and whose faces inspire me everyday though my only history of them is imagined.

At my studio, once your Tour passport is stamped (with my logo silhouette), you can learn more about how I make my jewelry, learn about the art of upcycling, purchase my pieces, and even try your hand at a fun DIY project (we'll be making Lock Washer Earrings!). Tulsa Art Studio Tour 1


I'll also be running a contest from now until the studio tour ends, I'll be giving away 3 bags of handmade steampunk jewelry & homewares to the 3 fans who spread the word about the tour the most! I'll be publishing spoilers of what's inside, but for now just know...these are bags you don't want to miss out on!

See you in April!