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Day Trip to Guthrie, Oklahoma

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There are so many things still to see in Oklahoma since I moved here. Last weekend's trip to Oklahoma's original capital, the town of Guthrie, yielded a great many surprises. Guthrie itself was a breathtaking city to explore--its many Victorian buildings are real treasures. I happily gawked and marveled at the elegant brick work, rounded windows, and elaborate moldings. (I also developed a new architectural love for the work of Joseph Pierre Foucart). Guthrie II 075 I also learned something new & exciting: that every Christmas in Guthrie there is a Victorian Walk with carolers and horse drawn carriage rides where everyone dons Victorian clothing! I will be sure to make a trip next December!

Rhys, whose itch to take a road trip & photograph sites of urban decay lead us to Guthrie, was so wonderfully patient with me when I discovered several antique & junk shops in and around Guthrie. I wanted to share my two favorite stops with you all: Country Corner (located at the intersection of Division St. & Oklahoma St.) and Kokopelli Village Antiques & Collectibles (located on Harrison St.).

Country Corner: I was was so excited to step inside because the antique shop is actually a Joseph Foucart building! I got to take a peek inside one of his architectural gems so that in itself was a real treat! There were so many excellent pieces, but Country Corner is a must-see for anyone looking to purchase antique furniture, books, or kitchen ware. Their greatest trove of treasures lies in their basement: a huge row of shelves filled with Kitschy, retro kitchen sets (mainly from the 40s, 50s, and 60s). Although not steampunk, the sets were all complete and in dazzling shape! It was wonderful to see over 50 kitchen sets totally complete & in near-mint condition.

Here are some of my fave finds from Country Corner:

Guthrie II 064Tubes galoreGuthrie II 067Glass Doorknob Hatstands! (So unbelievably fabulous)Guthrie II 065Working Grandfather clocks (Sadly, there were no broken ones for me to take home. I never break my golden rule: to only re-purpose broken or irreparably damaged clocks & watches.)Guthrie II 066Hi Nipper! Country Corner had an impressive selection of radios, phonographs, & records.Guthrie II 068

Kokopelli Village: This antique shop was my favorite stop. By far, it has the most interesting antiques--especially if you are looking for Victoriana & steampunk. Their collection of sewing machines is impressive. I saw a late 1800s child's sewing machine with a painted scene from Little Red Riding Hood on it that was truly breathtaking. (I may wind up purchasing it for my grams; in her entire sewing machine collection, she has nothing like it.) In fact, there were several sewing machine notions throughout Kokopelli.Guthrie II 077Among their massive collection of furniture and jewelry, I also discovered typewriters, shoe-stands, and hats!

Guthrie II 078Looks like my type! (Rhys's affinity for puns is rubbing off on me!)Guthrie II 079

What I was very happy to find among their collectibles was a variety of antique tools. Their tool selection is broad--they have a number of wrenches, screwdrivers, awls, hammers, saws, etc. from a broad age range. I was especially excited to find tools with wood handles. At my last show, unfortunately someone stole my pipe wrench with the wood handle. It had been a gift from my grandfather (he knew I loved to display tools among my jewelry and had parted with it so that I could use it). Now I am saddened that I will never see it again, but I did find a wood handle screwdriver that has lessened the sting of my dear wrench's absence. Nevertheless, I love old tools and now have a new place to find them!

And last, but definitely not least, Kokopelli Village has Victorian-style dresses! They are reproductions of Victorian patterns & very well made. When I inquired about their price, I was happily surprised: only $150.00! The fabric alone would be close to that price not to mention the time & energy it takes to sew following older patterns (Just ask my mom about plackets!). I will certainly be making another trip to Guthrie, and Kokopelli Village will be my first stop! Guthrie II 081Guthrie II 083Hope you are all cozy & warm wherever you are. Now I am going to curl up with some tea and my latest steampunk book, David Barnett's Gideon Smith & the Mechanical Girl , which is hard to tear myself away from already (only on Chap. 2).