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Style me Steampunk

FashionSamantha Extance

I love steampunk fashion & accessories--in fact, I love these 2 things so much that I cannot relegate them solely to cons, shows, or Halloween. "Style me Steampunk" is a new series of blog posts that I'll be writing on how to infuse your everyday wardrobe with a steampunk flair. From dressy to casual, office appropriate attire to outfits you can wear when you paint the town red--I will offer up ideas for outfits that will hopefully inspire some of you to dip into your closet and get creative!

Style me Steampunk: Comfy & Casual, the Adventurer's Ensemble

  • Hiking pants, rolled up to accentuate the boots
  • Mossimo Supply Co. Wool Ankle Boots
  • Black Converse vest
  • Grey T-Shirt

This outfit alone would not be steampunk were it not for the accessories. Choose your accessories thoughtfully. The outfit I am wearing is ready for adventure. Accenting this aspect of the clothing, and further creating my outfit's character--the adventurer, I wore a black leather compass bracelet, simple black button & washer earrings, and a time traveler's necklace (on black chain).

Matching your accessories and jewelry (each of my pieces were either all black or had an element of black in them) to an article of clothing (in this case, the black Converse vest) can help make your outfit more cohesive.

Not all steampunk outfits have to be over-the-top, as this casual, comfortable (and travel friendly might I add) look proves.