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I have finally organized my antique printer drawers' letterpress letters (what an undertaking that turned out to be! phew!). While I was sorting through the wayward consonants and vowels and ruffling through punctuation marks galore I marveled at the old way of printing. Handsetting the type would have taken what might seem to us living in the digital age where print is so easily produced & reproduced--hours upon hours. There are a couple of printing presses that I would love to call your attention to--the first of which is a project  & dream (called, Moveable Type) started by Kyle Durrie. Kyle is a letterpress printer who rides across the U.S. in her truck spreading knowledge about old fashioned printing. To follow her blog or learn more about Kyle's travels & printing press, visit her website.

The second printing press I'd like to share with you is one that is opening up right here in Downtown Tulsa! Isn't that exciting?! Tulsa Letterpress will also be a bar--a place where you can meet with friends or perhaps even curl up to a good book in a place that clearly worships print. Tulsa Letterpress will open up next to Dilly Deli.  I will be delighted to learn more about old fashioned printing and cannot wait until their doors open. I'll keep you all posted on their grand opening date.

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