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Flea Market FindsSamantha Extance

It has been a busy week! I launched my new website (leave a comment below & let me know what you think!). I have also been rummaging through local thrift stores for interesting display items. I luckily found two treasures I've been searching months for--an old suitcase and wooden printer drawers!  

The Suitcase

I cleaned up this well worn suitcase and filled the pocket at the hinge with stuffing to make a long, skinny pincushion. This will be perfect to display hat pins, buttons, and even rings (held in place by tacks)!


I glued 6 clothespins to the top part of the suitcase so I could showcase pictures or more intricate necklaces. The pictures here are Victorian portraits from Montreal, Quebec.


What I love about this suitcase is the circus red cloth interior. I also bought the glass medicine bottles pictured here at a garage sale two weeks ago. I love how they catch the light.



The Printer Drawers

I found two printer wooden drawers (from an American company) with a nearly complete set of metal letters, numbers, and punctuation.  I bought them for a wopping $50, a real steal! Printer drawers are all over Etsy (and for quite a price!). The drawers make excellent jewelry displays & holders.


I am going to modify my drawers a bit and paint the drawers' little cubbies with chalk paint! I'll let you know how it turns out.