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And a Silver Sixpence in my Shoe!

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Hi everyone! It's the big day! Marry Me Indie is today and I can't wait for our big fashion show of men's & women's jewelry & accessories for a Royal Steampunk Wedding! I'll be taping & photographing the fashion show--which starts at 3:00pm! Come by and see me before then at my booth! For more info on Marry Me Indie, see their lovely poster below! And in case you were wondering about the title of this post--I recently learned something that I thought I'd share with you. The familiar bridal saying--Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue--has just one more line--And a Silver Sixpence in my Shoe! The vintage hand sewn lace bridal gown that I am sending down the runway is American made and when my mom & I happened upon it at an estate sale it came complete with white ballet slippers to match the gown's delicate elegance--and what did I find taped inside the sole but a penny! So for us in the states the saying & superstition is not complete without a brand new shiny penny! See you at Marry Me Indie! xo Sam



Dark Carnivale~Bohemian Romance & The Salvage Steamstress Fashion Show

ShowsSamantha Extance

Saturday, Sept. 29th, at Indie Emporium, was my very first fashion show! I styled the models myself and created unique jewelry pieces to compliment my mom's, the Salvage Steamstress, fantastical hats! We had a blast! I can certainly say that out of all the models & designers waiting backstage--we had to most fun! Playing with our props, tipping our hats to one another and just generally being goofy. This sense of playfulness carried over into the show (for which I am very glad). For those of you who missed it, here are a few photos that were taken n the runway!

Here is Caroline wearing the Lady Hawke Top Hat, gearrings, and LadyIron Gear Necklace. At the end of the runway, Caroline activated her prop--a beaded skeleton parasol.

Confidently, Caroline walked back up the runway, tipping her hat to Renee.

Renee modeled the Auntie Mame Bowler, gearrings, and the Amalia Popper Opera Necklace (for which I won honorable mention in Bead Magazine's steampunk contest).

At the end of the runway, Renee activated her prop--a fan which she opened with a swift flick of her wrist!

Next came Holly wearing a Steampunk Scottish Beret, gearrings, the No. 117 Steampunk bow tie, an electrical fuse bracelet, and the Seaside Girls Steampunk necklace (made for LiberateUlysses's Bloomsday Art Project in 2012).

At the end of the runway, Holly activated her prop--a gun (an vintage paper popper).

Doffing his tophat to Holly, Thom sauntered up the runway wearing the Tick Tock Top Hat, Imperial Steampunk medal (necklace), Steampunk General's medallion (pinned right), and Skeleton Key Kilt Pin (pinned left).

At the end of the runway, posing like the gentlemen he is--Thom paused and checked the time on his steam train pocket watch while leaning on his cane.

As Frenchy and the Punk's gypsy tune, "Dark Carnivale," played on, our next model, Kathleen wearing the Puttin' On the Ritz Steampunk Bowler, gearrings, gold gear cuff, spiral skeleton key cuff, and typewriter key necklace ripped flowers from her lace bodice and threw them out into the audience. Kathleen saved a bunch of violets for Melissa--our final model.

Melissa wore Frankly Scarlett Steampunk Top Hat, gearrings and a spiral cog necklace. Her prop, a riding crop, was activated all down the runway! The cattle call was so much fun--it was surreal being up there with my mom with everyone clapping. To see so many smiles, I knew we had pulled it off and transported them somewhere magical.

Thank You

First and foremost to my mom, for inspiring this collection of jewelry and for creating such beautiful hats. You keep challenging me & I am so grateful that you do! Second, thanks to Christine Crowe for insisting that I do the fashion show in the first place. Without that push, I would never have dreamed of doing this! Third, my wonderful models--Caroline, Renee, Holly, Thom, Kathleen, and Melissa! You were so wonderful and I couldn't have done it without you! To the volunteers at Indie Emporium who organized the music & helped us with a run-through. And last but not least, to Val Esparza for all of your help & support!

Here's a little of our behind the scenes madness/goofiness!

By the way--did I mention that Juliette Lewis loved Holly's outfit?!! She didn't stay for the show but she did snap a photo of Holly with her phone! Gleep! So freakin' cool! An outfit I styled is on Juliette Lewis's phone!