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D.I.Y. Steampunk Flower Vase

D-I-Y-Samantha Extance

Here is a simple & elegant way to steampunk your dinner table or wedding reception--a clock part vase!

Materials Needed: Bud vase (or any glass or metal vase that fits inside your clock's mechanism), flowers & clock (or machine) part.

1) Fit your bud vase inside of your clock mechanism. (If you want to conceal the vase, choose a metal one that blends in with your clock part's metal. Also for another variation, you can use test tubes too & fix them throughout your clock's mechanisms for a wilder, more overgrown look). Fill with water.

2) Arrange your flowers!

And for a completely different look for your wedding or dinner table, you can either make paper flowers or purchase beautiful fake bouquets and splay them across your clock mechanism.

As always, Happy Making!