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Hope Your Halloween was Spooktacular!

InspirationSamantha Extance

It has been a truly wonderful week! I met one of my very favorite Steampunk authors, Gail Carriger this past Saturday. Thanks to Nimrod International Journal for bringing Ms. Carriger to T-town. At her lecture,  I learned what inspires and influences Carriger as an author (Gothic Romance, in particular Lewis's The Monk and Radcliffe's The Mysteries of Udolpho) and what Steampunk as a genre borrows from the Gothic. Carriger herself is as delightful and sincere a person you could expect. More often than not you wait with baited breath to meet an author you truly enjoy or admire only to discover that as a person, they're quite egotistical, terrible, etc.  Carriger graciously allowed those in attendance to interrupt her talk with questions & comments. She generously (and preparedly, much like Alexia herself--armed & ready) gave advice to hopeful genre writers. After her talk, I waited in line for her to sign the manga version of Soulless and to give her some of my jewelry creations that she inspired. I was so nervous--I hardly said anything (I get so tongue tied sometimes!) and while I didn't get to see her open my gift, she did blog about it so I know she liked it! Inspiring me as always, I had come up with an artful & steampunk way of wrapping her gift and as a result, I now have several ideas for steampunk gift wrapping. DIYS to follow soon in December!

Halloween was fabulous! For the very first time ever, I had trick-or-treaters and boy was I ready! A couple of friends came over and we ate pizza on my stoop armed with 2 brimming bowlfuls of candy (the good stuff!). I had chalked the sidewalk, lit up the steampumkins, put on my steampunk costume (a space rustler) and decorated my door with ghoulish scenes! It was a blast!

Today, I've been sipping tea (tea cup pictured above--it has a square bottom! I have never seen one like that before, now I am obsessed. Must find a square bottomed tea cup to call my own!) and doing inventory. And I am proud to announce that you can now find Bohemian Romance Steampunk Jewelry in Oklahoma City at the OKC Dwelling Spaces!

I have another exciting announcement, I will be adding a new element to my blog--fashion. "Style Me Steampunk" is a series of blog posts about how to incorporate steampunk into your daily wardrobe! So stay tuned, lots of exciting DIYS and blog posts to come!

Hope your Halloween was spooktacular and to those of you in New York and New Jersey--stay safe! xo Sam




Meeting Gail Carriger, NY Times Bestselling Author Tomorrow!

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So, I am nerding out about meeting Gail Carriger tomorrow at Nimrod International Journal's 34th Annual Conference! Carriger is one of my favorite steampunk authors and her Parasol Protectorate series has sparked many a creation for me. Come hear her talk, "Queen of Airships, Ace of Goggles: Gothic Tropes in Steampunk," being given from 1:35 to 2:50 pm in the Allen Chapman Activity Center on the University of Tulsa's campus. Gail will also be reading from one of her works from 3:00 to 4:00 pm.

To learn more about Gail Carriger, click here. For more on the Parasol Protectorate series, click here. To pre-order her next book (which I am anxiously awaiting!! C'mon February!), Etiquette & Espionage, click here. See you there!